Product Review: Limpo Clean

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This product review is long overdue, I have delayed writing, but I think the time is just right. Many of us will be cleaning and scrubbing now to get ready for the guests who will come visiting, so just in case you are thinking of buying limpo clean all purpose cleaner, you should read this review first. (If you missed it, Ije did a review of Mortein Peaceful Nights a few weeks ago.)

Product: Limpo Clean All Purpose Cleaner

Description: this is a liquid cleaner that can be used in cleaning the home. The label says all-purpose, which means it can be used for the bathroom and for tile floors. It comes in different scents and is antibacterial.

My take on this cleaner

I was using another liquid all-purpose cleaner and decided to try Limpo Clean. It cleaned okay, but was a little disappointing as it was not as effective as the previous one I used. I had to add several caps of the liquid to my mopping water and I still did not get the clean sparkly result I was searching for. I have children and sometimes their feet leave blackish stains on the tile floors. I discovered that I needed to add a little detergent to the mopping water before the stains came off, even though there was Limpo Clean in the water.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet was the same. The bottle of liquid cleaner I bought only lasted a little over a week.

If you want to buy Limpo Clean all purpose cleaner, by all means do so. It does work, don’t get me wrong. It will clean your tiles and your bathtub and toilet bowl. But you will need to use a lot of it and you might end up adding some detergent for it to really be effective. If I had not used the other cleaning liquid first, I probably would have thought this one was good enough. But I did use the other one and all I needed was a single cap full to my mopping water.

So my verdict, Limpo Clean is a great all purpose cleaner, but it does not help save you money.


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