PRODUCT REVIEW: Mamaa Especially for Babies Diaper

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When it comes to diapers, the tendency is to go for brand names in the belief that they’re often better than more generic named products. Actually, when we’re shopping, this isn’t just limited to diapers, but to most items on our shopping list.

The problem for most of us, has been that until quite recently, our options with regards to diaper for kids were limited. Pampers dominated the market and if you wanted another brand, like Huggies, you either had it imported or you bought it at the highly inflated price it sold for in shops. As an average income mom, you were severely limited; you either bought pampers or you went with cloth nappies.

However that isn’t the case anymore and if you enter almost any baby shop now, you will see a vast array of baby diapers. Okay, so maybe what is on offer is not that vast, but at least there are over 4 different product names in the market now.

As the mom of 2 kids who are still in diaper, I’ve had the opportunity to test a number of them and one in particular that I was quite impressed with is Mamaa Especially For Baby diaper.

Mamaa diapers photo

What I didn’t like about it

The diapers are really bulky and you can tell from the way the toddler waddles that they weigh the baby down a little. This is a minor annoyance though and as long the child doesn’t complain can easily be overlooked.

What I liked

It goes through the whole night. You won’t have to wake up several times because your baby is soaked and you need to change the clothes. This was a problem I had with some other diapers; I had to keep waking up because the children would get soaked through to the skin and being crying.

Price: N1,450 for a pack of 40 diapers.

So if you’re looking for a reasonably good diaper that is not too expensive, go for Mamaa Especially for Baby diaper.


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