Product Review – Mortein Peaceful Nights?

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Product Description:

Mortein Peaceful Nights is an odourless indoor insecticide that is meant to work with electricity. You plug it into the wall and it diffuses an insect repellent into the air. The target insects for this product seem to be mosquitoes and flies, and once you use it, you are assured a peaceful night by the manufacturers. According to their website:

“The Mortein Peaceful Nights Refill is the easy way to provide night-long protection against mosquitoes and flies whilst you sleep. This one refill provides up to 30 nights of undisrupted sleep, no need to change the refill on a daily basis.”

Except that this isn’t quite the case.

My take on Mortein: Peaceful Nights

What is written on the product box is peaceful nights, but, I consider it quite ironic as mosquitoes still made noise and feasted on us, hence this product review.

mortein peaceful nights

In our search for a good solution to the mosquito problem in our house, the mortein peaceful nights, was recommended and we bought four; for each of the three bedrooms and the parlor. It is a plug in device where the vapor is supposed to be released a bit at a time, killing the mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, it did not work. My kids said they hardly slept because of the mosquitoes on the first night of using this product but, I was not sure about their complaint as my air condition unit was on that night. I then decided to turn my air condition unit off the following night and use the product, and… It was horrible; the mosquitoes seemed to increase (lol). I eventually had to put back on my air condition unit to get some much needed sleep.

So, mortein peaceful nights, does not work and I guess it really would not be the best option ordinarily, as it needs electricity to actually function.

This is my personal opinion based on what my family experienced. If you would like to try it for yourself, please feel free to do so; we would love to hear from you. However, we would recommend you try other Mortein products instead.



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One thought on “Product Review – Mortein Peaceful Nights?

  • May 15, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Well Iam using mortein electric jet mat from years , I never found such a practical product like this one in other brands but now it seems that manufacturing of this product has been discontinued since long time , on the other side electric refill machines are useless due to its poor performance .The manufacturer may pay attention in improvement of their products.


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