Product Review: Nuna Shea Hair Cream

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Nuna Shea Hair Cream

Nuna Shea is a hair mix that is made mostly of Shea butter, but also contains honey and Aloe Vera juice. It is great for natural hair, although it can also be used for permed or processed hair. It is produced by a Nigerian company called Nuna Naturals and they are based in Port Harcourt. According to their Facebook page:

Nuna Shea mix is our ultra-moisturizing cream that soothes frizz and provides instant softness to natural curls and kinks. Whipped with aloe vera juice and honey, the all natural cream also contains jojoba, olive, coconut, and castor oils as well as vitamin E for extra moisture and oooo-so-wonderful softness. It’s so good, some of our customers even use it as their body cream! So fantastic during the winter and harmattan season.

Nuna Shea Hair Cream review
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What I loved about Nuna Shea Hair Cream

The Fragrance: I love Shea butter and even though the cloying smell has always been a problem for me, I still use it because of the natural health benefits. However, Nuna Naturals have done the impossible, which is getting rid of the lingering Shea butter smell. The use of honey as well as other oils neutralizes it, giving a really wonderful fragrance.

The Texture: Probably because they whipped it, the texture is smooth to touch and on the body (yes, I use it as a body butter as well). It glides smoothly on the body and I love the way it feels once I’ve used it.

The Effect: Nuna Shea hair cream has been really good for my hair. I got my first one in December of 2015 and have been using it since then. My hair is natural and very difficult to handle, but this hair cream immediately softens it and gives my hair a texture that I really love. Also for the body, once I use it, I don’t have to remoisturize again throughout the day.

What You Might Not Like about Nuna Hair Cream

If you have an allergy to Shea butter (or any of the ingredients used), then I would advice you to steer clear of this hair cream. Other than that, there really is nothing to not like about this hair cream.


Cost: N1500

Where to get it: The company is based in Port Harcourt, No. 50 Okporo Road, Artilery.

However, they deliver out of Rivers State and you can get in touch:

Phone/Whatsapp: (234) 08098528814



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