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How to Improve the Productivity Level of Employees

In order for your company or business to move forward and be more productive, there is need for your employees to have a productive mindset.

Below are 6 steps the management of a company can use to improve productivity of employees.

  • Provide adequate training to all members of staff: for your business or company to grow, your staff needs to be trained and educated on what the job entails. In Nigeria for example were graduates of Agriculture goes to work in the banking industry, he or she needs to be trained on the different principles involved in banking.
  • Design incentives that all employees can benefit from: often times so much attention is given to senior staff and mangers of the company and little or no attention is given to the junior employees, have programs that will benefit all your employees, so no one would feel left out.
  • Provide meaningful feedback on a regular basis:have a policy whereby your employees send in feedback on regular basis, this would help in checkmating productivity. Feedback’s are cornerstones of effective management.
  • Respect employees as individuals: despite the fact that they work for you and you pay them, shouldn’t be an avenue for you to disrespect them, like the saying “Respect is reciprocal”, set boundaries and stick to them. When employees feel genuinely respected they are much more likely “to go the extra mile” to help a company move forward.
  • Provide support for employees: give support when needed, support in the context could be financial, emotional and moral, give praises when due and encouragement, this will cause your employees to want to do better.
  • Validate opinions: you mustn’t necessarily comply with their opinions, but by merely listening to them air their views and beliefs give them a sense of belonging.

Your employees contribute a whole lot to the success of your business, it is therefore important to carry them along.



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