Proper Table Manners

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Prior to this time, we had talked about some Basic table manners rules where it was stated that lack of table manners is embarrassing to the host, to those around and to the person exhibiting them.

Below are additional Table Manner Rules to Observe when eating whether at home or in public:

  • Once you start eating, take little bites rather than having a chuck of food in your mouth.
  • If you need to leave the table, simply say “Excuse me”.
  • If anything unintended (a burp, hiccup, or food) comes out of your mouth, excuse yourself quietly.
  • If you are chewing gum, dispose of it
  • Don’t bring your face down to the plate rather, sit up straight and bring the utensil up to your mouth.
  • Don’t put your fingers in your mouth or pick food out of your teeth
  • Do not take the last of something until you ask if anyone else would like some.
  • Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  • Do not scrap the plate while eating or chew loudly.
  • Don’t lick your fingers; use a napkin
  • Do not keep personal items such as purses, glasses, cell phones, etc. on the table.
  • Do not put on makeup, comb hair or blow your nose on the table.
  • When offering a toast, be brief!! It is a toast not a roast.
  • When on the dining table and you do not know what to do, it is best you watch someone at the table who knows.

These rules should not be practiced only when in public, but should also be practiced in our homes.



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