Proper Toilet Etiquette

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In one of our etiquette posts, we wrote about how to ensure that the bathroom in your guest room is ready for guests. Then an NH reader asked us for a post on proper toilet etiquette, so here it is.

The toilet is one of the easiest and quickest places to come in contact with germs. Toilet etiquettes is about knowing, having and also abiding to simple and proper toilet hygiene and cleanliness.

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If you are the host or hostess, endeavor to check the bathroom before your guests arrive and make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, soap, and hand towels.

Below are some toilet etiquettes we all should know and adhere to:

  • Knock on the door first before opening to be sure if there is anybody in the toilet. It is rude to badge in on someone using the toilet
  • Close the door when you’re in, it is not proper when you leave the toilet door open will you are in there.
  • Do not turn the restroom to a conference room, take your discussions elsewhere.
  • Do not answer calls while using the restroom, the person on the other stall does not need to hear your conversation and you. You can send text messages if necessary.
  • Flush after using the toilet, after flushing make sure everything was whisked away, you would not want the next person using the toilet to find remains of what you left.
  • Do not flush anything other than tissue paper because it may cause clog.
  • Do not flush pads, wrap and dispose pads properly.
  • If you are the last person to use the toilet paper, soap, or paper towels, you can replace it if you see spare ones around and if there is no spare, you can inform the person in charge of that to replace it.
  • Keep the toilet seat down.
  • Gentlemen: Always lift the toilet seat if you want to urinate and put it back down for the ladies.

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  • Always wash your hands before leaving the restroom.
  • Ensure you dry your hands after washing them.
  • If you are in a person’s home use a hand towel rather than a bath towel.
  • Leave the restroom in a good of condition as you met it.
  • Check the toilet seat and make sure they are clean, you can wipe up splatters.
  • Avoid splashing water or soap all over the sink, while washing your hands.
  • Most ladies go to the restroom to touch up on their makeup, be snappy while doing so because someone may be waiting to wash her hands or use the mirror when you are on that.
  • If there is a restroom attendant, thank the person to show your appreciation.



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