Public Announcement: Sunday Selfies

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Hello everyone,

If you are on the Facebook page, then you maybe know about the altercation that took place when the winner of the Sunday Selfie contest was announced. The call for selfies was made, but we did not specify that the pictures be uploaded on the thread. Someone uploaded on the thread and came away with a single “like”. Another woman uploaded onto the page, but not on the thread and came away with 6 “likes”. The person with the highest “likes” was declared the winner and all hell broke lose.

The woman who uploaded her selfie to the thread demanded to know why she was not declared the winner seeing as she was the only one who had uploaded her picture unto the thread. We took a screenshot of the other woman and showed it to her and she was cool. But that was not the real problem.

Another individual who had not won the week before took to calling the admins of the page names. We took exception to that and let her know. There are two admins on the Facebook page and they both work tirelessly to ensure that the page is engaging, inspiring, entertaining and educating. So to have such blatant disrespect directed at them was unacceptable. That immediately prompted this post on the page.

Long and short, the rancorous individual was banned from the page. Beyond that however, Sparkles Jewelries who have been our sponsors for the Sunday Selfie generously offered to give out two sets of gifts to both women. Sparkles Jewelries is owned by NKWO BLESSING AWAH and she showed herself a hero that day.

We at Naija Housewives are completely blown away by her generousity. She is truly a shining star.

We ask that you should not let what happened last week put you off. Please keep sharing your selfies with us and you could win gorgeous prizes. To avoid further confusion, we have come up with a few rules. Check them here.

Thank you so much and keep being a part of this wonderful community.


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