Queen Agho’s One Year Old Baby Was Forcibly Adopted By Norway

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A photo of Queen Agho and Baby George as posted on Punch Newspaper
[/media-credit] A photo of Queen Agho and Baby George as posted on Punch Newspaper

Read this story by Paul Obi on ThisDay Live and it’s a sad sad story of how a Nigerian woman, Queen Agho, has had her baby forcibly adopted out by the government of Norway. The baby was taken away from her about 3 weeks after delivery with the claim that she was not mentally stable, a claim which was refuted by a psychiatrist report. According to this story, during the appeal, Queen was denied witness testimony. Knowing what it means to carry a child to term, we can’t imagine what she’s going through at the moment. Here are excerpts from the article:

The child, named George, it was said, has been given to a Norwegian lady for adoption on the excuse that the mother and child do not have emotional connection and lack eye contact.

On her mental state:

The Norwegian authorities according to him, also claimed that Queen was forcibly taken to a psychiatric home by the police and child welfare for the purpose of generating official evidence to substantiate their claims, a move which he said failed as the doctor confirmed her to be mentally fit.

The message from the Nigerian Embassy to the Norwegian government:

“The embassy wishes to register its utmost displeasure with the manner in which, a nursing mother Ms Agho was treated. For such treatment to be meted out to a defenseless woman who had just put to bed with her first child is most inhuman and certainly is in breach of all human rights practices.

“The allegation that there was no connection between mother and child and lack of eye contact within the first two weeks of the baby’s life seems to be in total contradiction of the reality of the mother’s position.

“The embassy therefore wishes to seize this opportunity to draw the attention of the esteemed Royal Ministry to the increasing cases of arbitrary seizure of Nigerian children on very flimsy and unacceptable reasons. The decision to seize a suckling baby of two weeks and four days old from its mother and deprive the baby of the essential nutrients of breast milk and motherly love from its biological mother is indeed inhuman and an infringement of the mother’s most basic fundamental human rights and child’s right to a family life.

“The Embassy in the meantime wishes to request for the urgent intervention of the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a view towards returning Ms. Agho’s child to its biological mother.”

This issue has been brought to the House of Representatives and the Committee on Diaspora has taken on the matter. We sincerely hope that the mother will be reunited with her baby. As long as there was no incidence of abuse, nobody can love that baby better than his mother.


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