What’s The Secret To Looking Perfect Everyday?

Have you noticed that some people look perfect everyday day? Even if it’s blowing a gale, they still manage to hold it together in the style stakes. Of course they could be blessed with naturally good looks, or they may have the “perfect” gene firmly embedded in their DNA, but surely they have to put some effort into looking so well groomed all of the time?

looking perfect


Actually there is hope for us all, but it takes quite a lot of planning, preparation and could be considered to be quite high maintenance! Here are some habits you should embrace into your life to always look perfect.



Plan ahead what you are going to wear on specific days. Also plan what accessories you will wear with each outfit. Pick the right coloured shoes, right coloured handbag and jewellery to go with your outfit. Your accessories account for a lot in looking well groomed and mismatched shoes can look scruffy. Ensure your shoes and outfit is perfectly clean and pressed, you want to avoid looking crumpled at all cost!


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Image: Christian Dior


Pack your handbag for every eventuality

Well groomed people are always prepared. If the sun comes out on a previously rainy day, no problem – they just grab their ultra stylish sunglasses out of their bag! Other items to keep at hand include an umbrella, plasters, safety pins and mints. You just never know when you might need them.



Perfectly groomed people always look and smell clean. This is particularly important for your hair. Unwashed hair tied back with a band, is never going to look sophisticated. If it means getting up half an hour earlier in the morning, do it!



Makeup should be perfectly applied at all times. Try to develop the skill of making your face look naturally beautiful rather than gaudy. You want people to think that it just takes a few minutes to look this good, even though you’ve been up since 6am applying it! Check your makeup regularly and reapply at least once during the day.


perfect nail polish



Lovely manicured hands are a must, with no chipped polish or dry skin to ruin your look! Have a look at websites such as MsMee.com for inspiration.


Maintenance schedule

It may sound more like what you may do for home improvements, rather than to perfect your look, however having a maintenance schedule and sticking to it is essential. Develop the habit of having regular skin treatments, hair removal treatments and pampering sessions. If you feel good, you’ll look good!


Ensure you visit your hair salon every 4-6 weeks, this will help your style always look at its best. Choose a fairly easy style to do at home, so that you always look salon fresh!


Achieving a perfectly well groomed look is not as easy as it seems and has the potential to be quite costly. However it’s worth it if you want to be the person in a room, that everyone wonders what your secret is!




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