Rapists Should Be Castrated According to Senator Ita-Giwa

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Watch out rapists and sexual predators. Your raping days are about to get cut short. If Senator Florence Ita-Giwa has her way, your rape tools will be completely chopped off. Straight castration, no apologies.


According to Vanuguard News, “Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, yesterday, said the best way to end rape and sexual assault in the country is by ensuring convicted rapists get capital punishment which does not entail killing them but cutting off their genitals.”


Although this seems extreme, we fully understand where the Senator is coming from. Rape is a horrendous crime that leaves permanent marks on the victims.


Reading the comments, there was talk about how primitive such a recommendation is, but with the way rape is becoming rampant in Nigeria, it is important to find a way to curb this social ill.


While castration might serve as a deterrent, we really feel that the frequency with which rapists get away with raping children even, is a serous cause for concern. The stupid habit our police have of blaming the victim is also a huge problem.


No matter how much people seem to shout, you always hear of a situation somewhere in Kano state or Lagos state where a 2 year old was raped or some other equally horrendous crime of rape. Something definitely needs to be done!


So to castrate or not to castrate? The crime fits the punishment, but that’s just our opinion and as well as that of Senator Florence Ita-Giwa. What do YOU think?



Source: Vanguard News


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