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Starting and running your business is a dream for most women, yet very few are able to do that successfully especially if you already have a decent paying nine to five job. If you really want to run your business, you can do that on the side, without quitting your day job, and these side business survival tips from Kara I. Stevens give really good advice. We will add our opinion (in italics) where we think it might not completely work for a woman with a husband or with kids.

Calculate How Much Time You Can Actually Commit To the Business

From Monday-Friday, I have committed to dedicating two hours per day to working on my business. On Saturdays, I have committed to five hours. On Sundays, I have committed to six hours. With a total of 21 hours per week, I can think more strategically about how to prioritize my tasks.

This is a really good point. You might not have 2 hours to give daily, or you might have a bit more…but if you can achieve 2 hours daily, you will make a huge impact in the growth of your business.


Go To a Coffee Shop, Library, or Diner To Work On Your Business Before You Go Home

I don’t know about you, but it proved difficult, if not near impossible, for me to seriously work on my business once I got home from work because of all of distractions.

Survival tips for side business -

The honest truth is that this will most likely NOT work for you if you have children or a typical Nigerian husband. Instead, have a corner at home which you’ve set apart for work. Once the kids are in bed, take out 2 hours to work on your business. This would mean sleeping later than usual, but it’s worth the sacrifice.


Give Yourself Permission To Not Be Perfect In Every Area of Your Life

Do you know how much willpower it takes to focus and stay disciplined on such a lofty goal as self-employment? When you are giving your all in one part of your life, you may find that other things—big and small— get neglected, including your household chores and your friends.  But remember this: you can buy paper plates or invest in a housekeeper.  You can tell your friends that you are trying to live your dreams and that your isolation is temporary. Your real friends with dreams of their own will definitely understand.

Something has to give. You cannot have it all at once. At NH, we always say, outsource what you can and everything can be outsourced except your love and attention!

Source: 5 Survival Tips for Building Your Business on the Side – Careers & Finance – EBONY


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