Simple Swaps For A Healthier You

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You want to be healthy, in fact, you are desperate to be healthy, the only problem is that you give into your cravings. Don’t worry, you are not alone – we all have demons to face, and for some of us sadly, these are unhealthy cravings.


The issue is that when it comes to these kinds of cravings, and habits too, it can be hard to make changes and break the cycle. However, by making a few small changes, you can break the cycle and give your health a much-needed boost.


For some simple swaps, read on.


Switch fizzy drinks for soda water


live healthier - sparkling water


Fizzy drinks are either packed full or sugar or sweeteners, excessive amounts of each are linked to cancer and a range of other health conditions, so cutting them out of your diet is definitely something that is worth considering. A much healthier alternative to drinking fizzy drinks, like Coca-Cola, Tango, and Sprite, is soda water. It’s free from sugar but still has that lovely bubbly taste. Not a fan of plain soda water? Why not infuse it with fruit or make a homemade, sugar-free cordial?


Cycle don’t drive



healthier living - cycling


You might like the comfort that comes with driving, but the fact is that it’s expensive and often, unnecessary. Did you know that cycling can burn triple the amount of calories an hour than walking does? Plus, a bike can get you from A to B almost as quickly as a car, so it would only mean leaving home half an hour earlier to get to work on time. Just think how much better you would feel in yourself after starting and ending each day with a bike ride.


Swap cigarettes for vaping


live healthier - ecigarettes


There is no getting away from the fact that smoking is bad for your health, however, what with nicotine being addictive, quitting is a task that can often prove impossible. However, many smokers choose to swap to vaping, to still get that nicotine hit but without the hundreds of deadly chemicals in cigarettes. Plus, vaping stores like Vape Drive has lots of lovely e-liquid flavors on offer, making vaping a much more enjoyable habit than smoking. Obviously, doing neither is better for your health, but if it’s one or the other, vaping is most definitely the best option.


Bake with pureed fruit, not sugar


If you are someone who loves to bake, then the chances are that you struggle when it comes to eating healthily, as a lot of cakes and bakes contain high amounts of sugar or sweetener. But what if you swapped these for pureed fruit? Apple, banana, even berries perhaps – it doesn’t matter what fruit, just as long as it makes your bakes healthier.


Above are four simple swaps that you can make to give your health a boost. There are plenty more swaps you can make; these are just a few examples of how easy it can be to break the cycle of unhealthy habits and lead a healthier life.



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