So, 25 Year Old Men Are Now Raping 3 Year Olds?

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Lagos State Deputy Governor: Mrs Adejoke Orelope Adefulire
[/media-credit] Lagos State Deputy Governor: Mrs Adejoke Orelope Adefulire
Is that what this world has become? How can a full grown man force himself on a baby, because that’s what a 3 year old child is – a baby. The funny thing is that even though the child was able to narrate exactly what happened to her, the man denies it, saying it’s all like a dream. According to news sources, the 3 year old girl was raped by a man called Afeez; already in KG 2 (Kindergarten), she was able to recount what happpened saying:

“AZ (Afeez) took my sister inside his room and I followed him inside. AZ now removed my pants and put his thing in my bum-bum (private parts). Then blood came out on the bed. He now washed my pants. He now said he wanted to go and bath. I now went out and told my mummy. When my daddy came back, I also told my daddy.”

Of course the parents went straight to the police, although one wonders why the father didn’t first give the man the beating of his life (not like we’re advocating violence okay, but really…)

The alleged rapist/pedophile has been released on bail, after he agreed to pay the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira for the little girl’s treatment. The police say they are still investigating the matter. Talk about ridiculous. Why should the man be released on bail? And to make matters worse, they police had tried to drop the case claiming that the father was not interested in prosecuting. Thank God for the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation and the Office of the Public Defender who have taken an interest in the case.

We hope they get to the bottom of this and if the man truly is guilty, may God (and the Federal Republic of Nigeria) punish him.


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