So Long A Visit: Neighbours (A Radio Drama)




Trouble is brewing in Sarabi town. Mrs Elawi’s son is home from school and the report is that all non-indigenous students at the local university have been levied. Madam Elawi doesn’t understand what that means because she’s not only from that State, but her children have all grown up in Sarabi City, the capital of the state. Apparently, the university is on Ijegon land and so those not of that ethnicity are considered not indigenous.

This infuriates the market women who are mostly made up of non Ijegon ethnic people. They decide to go on a strike and shut down the market entirely. This drives the men crazy especially as they quality of food in the house drops drastically. Then the students begin to riot and it’s obvious something has to be done… Listen to the audio and tell us what you think.


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