Stop Drinking Water

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Water. People always look at me funny when I say I really don’t like that clear, tasteless liquid. I don’t. I could go an entire day (sometimes two), without drinking the stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I drink other liquids like cola, fruit juices and of course, coffee. But a glass of clear, sparkling water? Not so much.


So why should you stop drinking water?

I’m glad you asked. Water is tasteless, odorless and without color. Oh right…it is supposed to be that way, but it’s really not fun to drink. Unless you are exceptionally thirsty. At least, that’s what I used to think.



But I’m changing my ways.

Recently, I decided to jump on to the wellness bandwagon. Okay, that’s not strictly true. I’ve been having some minor health issues that I realized might be tied to my eating habits. So I decided to make a change. More fruits and veggies, less salt and sugar, more healthy fats and more water.


Why water?

I am drinking more H2O for a healthier life. It isn’t simply because it’s ‘good’ for me, it is because it is good for me. See, let me explain. You know how you always hear drink water, it’s good for you! But you don’t really know just how it’s good for you or what exactly it does in your body beyond causing you to rush to the nearest rest room a dozen times a day? Well, I felt the same way too. Then I found out exactly what it does for me and oh boy! I became born again.


The near magical powers of H2O

No, I won’t be exaggerating if I said that liquid we all take for granted had magical powers. Here are some of the things I discovered about water:


– It helps with weight loss

– helps flush harmful toxins from your body

– Keeps you skin looking good

– Is really very helpful to your kidneys



Personally, I have found that drinking at least a glass of water every morning helped me get rid of that persistent headache I thought was part of my DNA. Turns out it was not.

If I take an orange (or any other fruit) after my morning glass, I am fully alert (from zero to hero) without a single drop of coffee. It’s amazing really!

Also, it helps my skin look fresh and healthy and is great for my hair. Actually, there are quite a number of benefits.


Want to know more about why you should drink enough? Read this post from Medical News Today.


It’s time to turn a new leaf. Go ye therefore and hydrate!






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