Struggling with Post Summer Blues? 5 Great Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

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September can be tough. Summer is coming to an end. The temperature is dropping, the nights are getting darker and the days shorter, and everything has that feeling of returning to normal after the fun and excitement of summer. Many people suffer from seasonal depression, or simply find themselves feeling a little down and like they want to hibernate until next spring. But, you can’t. You have to get up and keep right on going. After all, there’s Christmas to look forward to!

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Treat Yourself

One sure fire way to make yourself feel better and improve your mood is treating yourself. Go shopping. Buy yourself some new clothing, get a makeover or spend the day at the spa. Alternatively, you may want to treat yourself to a meal out with friends or a day spent entirely alone, chilling out and reading a good book. Just make sure it’s something that you enjoy and helps you to relax. If you are preparing for a long winter, consider a subscription box. These fabfitfun reviews can show you how much joy a subscription box can bring you. It’s a great way of treating yourself every month and making sure that you’ve always got something to look forward to.

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When it’s cold and dark outside, the last thing you want to do is exercise. But, it will make you feel better. Exercise releases serotonin, adrenaline and endorphins into your brain. All of which makes you happier, more confident and generally more positive. Try getting up early and doing a little exercise first thing to make sure you are starting your days on a high.

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Embrace It

Yes, you need to get up and dressed and carry on with your everyday life. But perhaps not every day. Sometimes when it’s cold and grey, and all you want to do is snuggle up in your pajamas and watch Netflix, that’s exactly what you should do. The occasional pajama day gives you a great chance to recharge your batteries and get some rest. Especially when you are fighting off a winter cold.

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Try A New Look

Autumn is the perfect time to try a new look as everything is so colorful. It really is a beautiful time of the year. Why not get a new haircut, or try a different color? Red always looks great this time of year. You could also experiment with fashion. Winter dresses, boots and thick tights are always a favorite, but why not try teaming them with a brighter jacket to boost your mood?


Book a Vacation

Book yourself a trip, so you’ve got something to look forward to. Start looking for your big summer vacation for next year; you could even save big by booking early. Then, book a city break or two to break up the colder months. Or, if you really need an escape, look at some fantastic winter sun deals.

It can be hard to let summer go. But, once you do, autumn and winter can be a fun and magical time of year. So, let yourself enjoy them without pining for summer.


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