Sunday Recipes: Arrangement and Recipe

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Hello dears,

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Naija housewives Sunday recipes. Above all thanks for reading again. Hope you passed the word round? Do not learn alone…

Once upon a time in my confectionary world, I baked a creamy and luscious coconut cake which was due for a client later in the day. As I began to assemble the cake for decorating, I was tempted to put a piece in my mouth. Sigh! (my waist line tries to avoid temptation *you must feel free to taste your goods PLEASE)  Well, I did so and upon chewing, I spat it all out. My God! Had I just done the abominable wonder? Horror upon horrors! I had just baked a sugar less cake!!! Do not try that at home because you may not be able to forget that taste ever. Urgh!

That very awkward and life changing story brings us to our very first and foremost lesson in the preparation of anything that comes out of a kitchen: ARRANGEMENT.

Do You see the pretty arrangements and detailed layouts of ingredients on your favourite kitchen show? All that is not done because someone totally enjoins doing dishes or just likes to show off attractive and cute plates. it is done so that you display all and would  not forget/leave out any ingredients needed to cook.

This brings us to another vital point: THE  RECIPE.

All dishes made in whatever form be it baking, grilling, roasting, frying, steaming…..  have recipes which are measurements. Disasters happen when there is no planning or recipe.

You do not go half way through cooking a soup to realise that you do not have salt or spices in your kitchen cupboard(for those of us who continuously run off to mama Cecelia’s’ to buy last minute).

The way to avoid that is to plan ahead. If you would forget, then lay out all the ingredients you would need in properly measured out quantities as the recipes indicate.

We would end this episode here, but next week we would speak more about recipes.

Have a blessed week people.


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