Teenager Credits Google For Attempted Murder Idea

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Google made me do it.


In a world of cheap smartphones and unlimited internet access, it’s not surprising that a lot of youths seek advice from search engines (mostly Google) than they do from elderly ones around them.


19-year-old undergrad Ade took listening to the internet to a different level when he chose to slit the throat of his pregnant girlfriend per the advice of one of the results he got when he Googled “What to do if my girlfriend does not want to have an abortion”.


He had chosen to perform the act at his girlfriend’s parents place and may have succeeded (and gotten away with murder) if not for the intervention of a neighbor who heard the girl’s screams. Narrating his story, Ade said


” “I met my girlfriend about two months ago on Facebook. We had a mutual friend and I added her. She accepted my request and we got to know each other. I proposed a relationship to her and she accepted. We had sex only once on July 4. I did not protect myself.

On August 10, she told me that she was pregnant. The next morning, on Thursday August 11, she called me that her parents wanted to see me. I went to her parents at Alaro area of Ibadan and they wanted to know what my intention was on the pregnancy. I suggested that she had an abortion but they said they could not abort for their daughter because it was against their belief. I told them that I would get back to them on Monday, August 15.

“I left for home confused, but on the way home, different thoughts went through my mind because I didn’t want my parents to know. I didn’t want to disappoint them. I was with my phone at home and I picked it and typed “What to do if my girlfriend does not want to have an abortion” on Google. It brought out different options that I can deny, which I didn’t deny.

“Another option was to convince her to have an abortion, which did not work. There were also other options but the last one was that I could kill her. I chose that option because she was the only one who knew my house and I believed that if I killed her, no one would be able to trace my house and I would get away with my action.

“To kill, Google gave me an option to use poison, which I knew no pharmacy would sell to me. Other options were to use a gun or a knife. Knife was easy to get, so I went to the market same day to buy a knife and returned to her house. I did not meet her at home so I called her and waited for her. When she came in, I attacked her with the knife but she was resisting. I stabbed her on the right and left sides of her stomach and slashed her throat.

“Unfortunately for me, her screams got to a neighbour and he came in. Coincidentally, he is a policeman so he handcuffed me and I was arrested. It was the fear of disappointing my parents that made me take the action.

Via Tribune.


The suspect is being detained at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Oyo State. His girlfriend did survive the attack but is in an intensive care unit says crime reports.


It’s completely unnecessary that Google is being brought into this narrative – it is just a search engine afterall. It more or less spits out content. What Ade should really be citing here is the website that actually suggested murder. Although the odds that he would remeber the page is very slim seeing as people rarely take a second glance at the web address.


Considering the fact that Ade went through with the stabbing and slitting (stabbed her twice in the stomach and proceeded to slit her throat) amidst all the screaming and blood, it’s not far-fetched that he may have resorted to murder even without the suggestion from wherever he got that terrible idea.



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