Teens Corner: Party Rules

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Teenagers love to have a swell time,  they are at that stage in life were they wan to experiment  and just have fun. They look for the slightest opportunity to throw parties for their friends and classmates, they also want to attend parties.

Parents are expected to be extremely careful during this period and always keep eyes on their teenagers. Parents are also expected to have in mind that letting their children go for parties are not wrong, what is moor important in knowing the type of party.

If your teenager wants to have a party at home it is even better for you as a parent, because it will enable you keep your eyes on them and to monitor what is going on.

Below are Party Rules your teenager should abide to, when throwing a party at home:

  • Ensure you set ground rules concerning the┬áparty, so you teenager knows what to expect.
  • Your teenagers friends should also be informed of the rules before the day of the┬áparty.
  • Have someone be at home during the party.┬áPreferably an adult, who can help supervise the party. You can also invite other parents to help chaperon.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs should not be allowed at the┬áparty, no matter what.
  • Ensure that┬áuninvited guests are not allowed into the party.
  • When a guest leaves, do not allow him or her to return. This discourages guests from leaving the party to drink or to use other drugs elsewhere and then return to the┬áparty.
  • Notify your neighbors that there will be a party and also let them know the time the┬áparty would start and when it may likely end.
  • Encourage your teenager to plan fun activities, music, videos, or games in advance of the party, because drinking and drug use are sometimes the result of boredom.
  • Ensure the┬áparty ends on times, so teenagers don’t stay out late.

With these rules, i believe throwing a party in your house would no longer be a problem between you and your teenager.


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