Teens Corner: Talking to Your Daughter About Menstruation

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We have all been teenagers at one point in time, so we are not new to some of the developmental, emotional, physical and physiological changes that take place in the life of a female teenager. Your daughter who was only a baby some years ago is now becoming a matured woman, below are some tips on how to relate with your teenage daughter on the issue of Menstruation.

  1. Start talking about periods from an early age, so when it actually comes she does not feel overwhelmed with the experience. You can start by telling her, “You know your body will change in lots of ways as you get ready to be a grown-up woman.”
  2. As she grows older and approaches the age of puberty, you can then go fully into details on what to expect when the period finally comes, the Dos and Don’ts, encourage her to ask questions on what she doesn’t understand.
  3. Really understand what she is asking, so you don’t give her wrong information, if you do not the appropriate answer to give to her, you can both look it u in a book or Google about it. This helps in creating bonding time, which most mothers lack with their daughters.
  4. In other to start a conversation, you can use your own experience so she knows this is not foreign, knowing you experienced what she is experiencing or about to experience makes her feel more relaxed and open to you.
  5. Always remember it is better your daughter comes talking to you than talking to strangers or her friends, who may end up giving wrong advises, so be free with her and remember you also went through this milestone to become who you are now, give her facts and not myths, try not to lie to her because in doing so, you will only be misleading her. Do not tell her things like “if you go close to a man, you become pregnant“.

Charity begins at home; don’t wait for it to be too late before you start fixing what has gone bad. You can always start now.






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