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There are some things that cause stress for us that can be avoided.

  • Sometimes we get stressed up because we take on more tasks than we can handle, know your limits and learn to say no, don’t try doing or taking on more work than you can do, you’ll wear yourself out
  • Plan and don’t procrastinate: stress also comes when we leave things to the last minute or try to do them all at once, plan ahead, do things as soon as they should be done
  • There are some people who bother you and make you stressed up that can be avoided, avoid them, don’t go confronting people every time, just avoid those that can be avoided as your peace of mind is paramount
  • There are also some situations that can be avoided; for example if going to a big open market stresses you, change your style of shopping, you can get things delivered to your house or get a smaller market near your house to shop, or shop online


Look at the list of things that give you undue stress, in what ways can you change some of the processes to reduce stress?

  • Manage your time better and organise your day

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  • There are some situations that cannot be avoided, if you make a mistake, acknowledge them , learn from them and move on; don’t dwell on the past, everyone makes mistakes
  • Forgiveness  is a great way to relieve stress, it might not be easy, but it’s possible
  • -talk to someone who can help, if it’s beyond you


  • Look at the big picture and use the situation to your advantage; for example you might feel stressed up about not being able to go to a place you wanted to go, you could see it as an opportunity to spend time with your family and do other things
  • There are things that we look back and think ‘why did I disturb myself about that?’ Think ahead; will this matter in a few years? if no, let it go
  • Focus on what makes you calm, in control and happy
  • Think positive thoughts, don’t put yourself down
  • Change your reaction to situations
  • Go for a walk, take a vacation or weekend off, write, listen to music, get a massage








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