The Healthiest Way To Leave The Past In The Past

Experience is what shapes us as people. They say we learn from mistakes and it makes us wiser to do so. If things didn’t go the way we expected, we try to do it a different way. This applies to everything in life. It can apply to your test paper, a job interview and even personal relationships. So if the past is so important to the person we have become, why are we always told to leave the past to the past?

It’s very easy to get stuck in the mindset from past experiences. This means it’s more difficult to take the life lessons from that experience and move forward with them. 

Humans are naturally sentimental. We take comfort and pleasure from reminders and keepsakes of times gone by. We hold onto photos, old stuffed animals, and even outfits we can’t squeeze into anymore! But there are some things that have caused pain and upset in the past. These are the things that we really need to let go of.

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Heartbreak is the hardest to overcome. A relationship is more than just an association with a person. It can become a partnership, a living arrangement, and even a family. 

When the relationship breaks down, you have to turn to lawyers to formally split up what you have acquired together. When you visit their site for more information, you’ll see that lawyers understand there is emotional pain to contend with. No wonder so many people try to avoid the formality of marriage in the future after such a big breakup.

It’s important to remember that no two human beings are the same. This means that no two relationships can possibly be identical. You can take comfort in knowing that love can happen many more times in your life. Time does heal the raw wounds of the emotions you feel during breakups. 

Now you have a chance to move your life in any direction you want. There is no need to put the brakes on for what you personally want to achieve. And who knows who you’ll meet on the journey!

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Leaving relationships, jobs, friendships, material possessions, or homes behind? All these things pull on the heartstrings. This is natural and healthy. Try to view this forward movement as an opportunity for something fresh, new, fun and exciting. Use it to drive you on toward happiness, no matter what. A positive outlook can help break you free from the blues, even though it can sometimes be hard to muster.

Talk about those raw feelings. Write them down. It’s good to acknowledge they exist. After all, they’re what make us human and ‘normal’. Know that every experience you had in the past is one that can drive you forward to your own happy future. If you can refuse to blame them but instead use them to push you toward your chosen goals, you’ll enjoy a more positive mindset. This is one of the healthiest ways to leave the past in the past, after all. 


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