The Mystery Called Infertility

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Infertility throws up a lot of confusion and despair and could be shrouded in mystery.

The average man thinks it is so easy to make a baby and therefore, when it does not happen within a short span of time, for some, it is as short as 3 months, then questions pop up.

When you really cannot control the outcome of a situation, despite putting in some effort, there is always a level of mystery involved.

Being able to have children is hugely a thing of pride to mankind as it guarantees sustainability of the blood line, and invariably, mankind. Infertility, therefore, poses a huge threat to continuity of man’s existence on earth and a slap on the dignity of the male species.

What exactly is this mystery called infertility? What could be the cause? Can it be cured, treated, managed or even, prevented?

Infertility is defined as a couple’s inability to have children after being exposed to regular and consistent sexual activity for a period of 12 months. Regular and consistent meaning the said couple must have sex every 48-36 hours through out the year.

It then means that couples who anxiously wait every month for signs and proof of pregnancy should ideally not begin to worry about being infertile till the 13th month of actively trying to conceive.

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