The Promise


The 30 Days Prayers for Your Husband is an important exercise for us at Naija Housewives. In 2014, a lot of women participated and this year, even more are doing the daily prayers. For both years, we have asked everyone who takes part in the 30 days prayers to first of all take the promise.

The Promise is actually in two parts and this is a state of mind we agree to adopt for the duration of the prayers.

It is important to first understand that marriage without forgiveness can never work. A popular quote from Robert Quillan says that “a happy marriage is a union of two good forgivers.

Forgiveness is both ways. As wives we need to learn to forgive our husbands and we also need to accept that we are not perfect and as such, we are also in need of forgiveness. But forgiveness does not come easily and that is why prayers are so important in marriage; they help us to forgive and to discover the state of our heart especially towards our men.

Which is why we included The Promise BEFORE we even began the prayers. If you did not agree to the promise when we posted it on Facebook, here’s your chance.

The Promise

For the duration of the 30 Days Prayers, I WILL

1. Not say anything negative to my husband, and

2. Not speak negatively ABOUT my husband to anyone.


This is important. There is no point doing this prayer exercise if you’re going about bad mouthing your man or if you are disrespectful to him. Nothing is going to change until YOU change.

If you’re in this, simply type ‘I Promise’ in the comments.






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