The Street Party: Neighours Episode 13



This is the final episode of the Neighbours audio drama and it’s been fun reviewing it here at Naija Housewives. In this episode, Mrs Oseni is taking her niece to the hospital when she meets a street party that has blocked the road. Of course, our able Mrs. Oseni decides to give whoever organized it a piece of her mind and when she meets Mr. Bawa, she does just that. They engage in a war of words and threats are exchanged with Mrs. Oseni promising that he won’t go unpunished. The law enforcement agents get involved and they way they choose to handle the issue comes as a shock to Mr. Bawa.

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic because of a street party or an owambe¬†as it’s called in some parts of Nigeria, you will understand Mrs Oseni’s frustration.¬†Listen to the audio (it’s really short) and let’s know what you think.


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