These Children Have Been Abandoned in Boarding School for 8 Years

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Update: The father of the children came out and responded to the article that was published a few days ago and claimed that he did not in fact abandon his children. Read that story here.

Punch newspaper shared a story of three children who have been abandoned by their parents. They were first abandoned by their mother who left the marriage and left the children behind. Unable to cope with taking care of them, the father too them to a boarding school and left them there; he hasn’t been back for the past 8 years. The youngest of the children was only 2 years old when they were taken to the boarding school.

This is just heartbreaking. Why would someone go all the way to have three children and then not care what happens to them particularly when birth control is practically free in this country. If you bring children into this world, you have a responsibility to be there for them; it’s the least you can do. It’s hard to imagine what those poor children have gone through…what is going on in their mind. No matter how well they’ve been looked after, that feeling of abandonment will be there especially as they watch other children go home for the holidays and they are just stuck there.

Please, it is not by force to have children. If you are not going to care for them or love them then let it go. I hope social welfare takes up the cuase of these children. No child should live that way.

You can read the entire story here.





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