This Man Became a Drug Trafficker to Raise Money for His Wedding

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A wedding is for one day, only ONE day and yet people go into debt and do all sorts of stupid things because they want to get married. The ridiculously high bride price charged by some people for their daughters also doesn’t help matters and so when the news ran the story of this man who was nabbed for drug trafficking and then said he did it to raise money for his wedding, we were bot surprised. We should have been, because it sounds like a really silly story, but knowing the realities we know are on ground in this country, we could not be surprisd.

His confessional statement and his words were nothing short of pitiful…

β€œI am a patent medicine dealer in Aba, Abia State. My arrest is very unfortunate because I am a hardworking person.
β€œI was deceived into drug trafficking because I was desperate to perform my marriage ceremony by the end of the year.
β€œI was optimistic that I will not be arrested, but things did not go according to my expectation.
β€œWhat must I do to set myself free from this predicament?” he asked, begging not to be allowed to be confined until his proposed wedding.

This is just sad and unfortunate. We need to find a way to review the marriage practices in this country. This practice of bankrupting young men or ensuring that they’re well in their forties before they can even attempt to get married is just wrong and things have to change.

You can find the news article on Punch newspaper.





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