Tickle Your Taste Buds with This Afang Soup Recipe

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Unless you are from a certain state in the Southern region of Nigeria, Afang soup is an acquired taste. At least it was for me. I can honestly tell you that the first time I had this dish of mixed vegetable greens (including spinach), I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. The taste is quite strong and for those with delicate taste buds, it takes some getting used to.


Afang soup recipe Afrolems
Afang Soup Recipe by Afrolems


But when you do get used to the taste of Afang soup, you can’t have enough and I’m not even talking about the healthy goodness of it. Take it while it’s steaming hot with a nice bowl of pounded yam or semovita and you will wonder why you never tried it before.

As for the health part of it, because this soup is mostly vegetable greens, it is rich in antioxidants and great for bowel movement…well, it is 🙂

I have not yet had the good fortune of actually cooking Afang soup, although I had someone make it for me. So this recipe, which was sent by the folks at Supermart.ng might prompt me to try my hand at it. By the way, if you’re in Lagos, you might want to give them a try; they are only the largest online grocery shop in the area and if you ask nicely, they’ll deliver to your home or office.

If you try the recipe, let us know by dropping a comment below. And if you have a better way of preparing this soup, do let us know as well. You can be sure that we would appreciate it a lot.

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Afang soup


Afang Soup Recipe


This soup is one of the much celebrated recipes from Efik in the Southern Part of Nigeria. It has a high social acceptance and is often served at ceremonial occasions. It is slippery and tasty at the same time. The uniqueness comes from the vegetables.


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