6 Significant Tips For Gamers To Reduce Back Pain

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With the increasing technology, the gamers have also changed their ways of playing games. Today, people can play games without moving from their couches. Earlier, the games had physical involvement of the players and they used to be the best source of exercise. Therefore, people never faced any physical pain without any injuries because they were so actively involved in the game that they never had any physical troubles.


However, today, with the increasing use of technology, folks get everything on their couch. Yes, by saying this, we mean that they do not need to go outside to play games or do anything physically. It is because they get all the games on their smartphones and gaming devices, which they can play sitting at just one place. Due to this, the physical movement is reduced and it forces the player to sit just in one posture to remain focused on the game. Most of the gamers are so much engrossed in their games that they forget the correct posture to sit and it causes damage to their backs in the long run.


Playing video games today has increased the problems of back and neck pains commonly. People face and suffer from terrible back pains due to their habit of playing the games for hours and hours. Playing games is not bad, but one has to remember the correct posture of sitting to prevent their backs from getting pain. Still, lots of people face these issues.


Now, when we say that playing games on the devices are harmful to your back and neck, doesn’t mean that you have to quit playing games. You just have to be cautious while playing and have to take care of your posture while sitting and playing.

Let us take a look at a few of the tips that will help you maintain your gaming spirit to the highest, yet preventing from getting your back damaged.


#1. Consult With Physical Therapists


Low back pain is one of the most common problems that’s faced by the Americans these days. Each year the patients with low back pain in the US spend over $8 billion when it comes to treating their problem.


When you suffer from a severe back pain, which exists for a longer duration, it is advisable that you should seek a medical help. Today, lots of physical therapy centers and rehabs have developed, who offer quality and efficient services. Moreover, the physical therapists from HealthQuest are also qualified and experienced, who design physical therapy treatment, specifically to address your individual needs. Therefore, do not live with your pain and get it cured. But, then it is also necessary for you take breaks between your games.


#2. Maintain Proper Ergonomics


Irrespective of the type of game you are playing, it is crucial to maintaining the correct posture while sitting. It will help to reduce your back pain to a great extent. For this, it is important that you should have your screens positioned at the level of your eyes, with a distance of at least 20 inches or more from your face. You should keep your shoulders relaxed by aligning your head and neck with your torso and keep your elbows close to your body.


Moreover, your feet should be flat on the floor. Maintaining proper ergonomics while gaming, will increase your energy and prevent your back from getting damaged. Taking proper precautions will allow you to increase your performance and focus on the details of the game.


#3. Bring In The Gaming Chair


Today, with the increasing technology, the gaming companies also take care of their clients’ health. They have come up with the specialized chairs, made specifically for the gaming purpose. These chairs offer you a comfortable sitting while gaming. They are designed in such a way that they keep your back in an upright position. Gaming chairs are designed to make your sitting comfortable and improve your performance at the same time. To add to their features, many of them come with additional benefits like cup holders, speakers and more to increase your overall pleasure and gaming experience.


However, if you can’t afford a gaming chair, you must take care of your back in every sense. You have to make sure that while you sit on a chair for playing your game, there is no gap between the chair and your back. It may create an uncomfortable posture, leading to back pain. For this purpose, you can also use a small cushion behind your lower back, which will remind you to keep your back in an upright position.


#4. Do Stretches And Low-Impact Exercises


However, you try to maintain your posture while gaming, a little of back pain is bound to arise due to the prolonged period of playing in the same position. Therefore, it is crucial that you should take small breaks from your gaming and do some stretches, which will release the tension from your muscles. Moreover, it is also important for you to give some rest to your eyes which are continuously occupied with the screens.


Our bodies are not habituated to sitting for long hours in the same position. They need some exercises to keep them moving and flexible. Therefore, do small exercises and stretches, which will strengthen your back muscles and increase your stamina.


#5. Try To Play Active Games


Playing games is wonderful for your mind to refresh it from the work schedules and other stuff. But, it is even better if you play those games, which make you physically active with lots of energy. You get lots of sports games which will require you to move physically continuously. This kind of games are not only good for your mind, but they also offer you good exercise to the body and help you keep in shape.


#6. Bring In Wearable Sensors


Today, the revolutionary gadgets come with a wearable technology, which you can actually wear. These gadgets notify you if any of your body parts get a strain. They issue a warning, even if your body posture starts to weaken. Therefore, it is worth bringing in these wearable sensors to prevent your back from getting damaged.


Live life to enjoy every moment to the fullest, not to suffer from any sort of pains, especially the physical pain. Therefore, enjoy your gaming experience with a few precautions and measures that will save you from the chronic pains of back and neck.


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