Tips for Maintaining Healthy Natural Hair

Maintaining healthy natural hair is not a solo journey. At some point, you would have to look to others who have walked the road and find out what worked for them. That’s why we are always on the look out for  hair tips – because you can never know too much.


Natural hair beauty buffs ( ESSENCE Beauty & Style Director  Pamela Edwards Christiani, celebrity hair stylist Darico Jackson, P&G’s Dr. Rakisha Thompson,  and YouTube bloggers, Glam Twinz (Kendra and Kelsey) got together to talk about how to grow healthy and beautiful natural hair.


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These are some of the tips they gave:


Protective styles are helpful

The Glam Twinz state that protective styles made their kinky hair journey a bit easier. The styles help to keep your hair tucked in and protected. Protective styles include braids, weaves, crochet braids and so on.



Patience my beloved

According to the Glam Twinz, transitioning is never easy and requires lots of patience. Be patient with your hair as there will be frizz, frustration and probably tears. But once the awkward phase is over, its “hello gorgeous”.



Low or no heat

Too much heat will cause damage to your natural hair – make it light and prone to breakage. Hair tends to grow faster and retain more length when less heat is used.




To see more tips, visit Essence


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