To Independence and Freedom

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Yesterday was Nigeria’s independence and it was a time for reflection. However what we reflected on was how far the Nigerian woman has come in the last decade. Today there are many opportunities available to us that were not there for our mothers and Grandmothers. For the first time in our collective existence as women, we can have it all.

We can now combine a family and a career/entrepreneurship successfully. We can have friendships and hobbies and lives where we grow spiritually. We can really have it all. True it takes some mental gymnastics and lots of creativity, but then we’re women andΒ we are rather good at doing just that.

So times are good for us and we have a plethora of opportunities and yet we are terribly under utilizing and under achieving. We live in an era where women can sit at the head of the table in a boardroom, where we can be the top government officials or billionaire entrepreneurs, and we do have such women but we don’t have nearly enough of such. Somehow we are still waiting for permission to be the best version of ourselves.

We need a change in mindset and a shift from where we are. We are doing great, but ladies, we can do much better. Which is why we are dedicating the month of October to freedom and independence. We will examine what that means to the average Nigerian woman and how we can achieve that as a group. We’ll discuss mindset, health and opportunities. We would love to hear your views on this subject and here’s how you can be part of this:

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We want things to change, but first we have to change ourselves. We love every one of you who read this blog and visit our site. Those of you who engage with us on our social media platforms are our heroines. Thank you so much and don’t stop. πŸ™‚

Look out for our health tips later in the week. Have a wonderful month.

Welcome to October!





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