Toddlers Corner: 7 Simple Ways to Develop your Toddlers Learning Skills

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When you begin to notice that your toddler wants to read or scribble at anything he or she sees and cries when their elder ones are going to school, wanting to join them. These are signs to show that your toddler is ready to learn. Below are 7 ways to develop your toddlers learning skills:

  1. Set aside a time everyday to learn with your toddler: this would make your toddler always look forward to learning. It encourages the toddler and increases their desire to learn.
  2. Surround your toddler with captivating reading materials: toddlers are easily captivated with colors and drawings. Buying colorful books keeps them engaged and makes them always want to read and play around with it.
  3. Keep it brief: have a limited time to spend learning,  say 10 – 15 minutes. Making them spend so much time in trying to learn would make them loss interest. Toddlers have short attention span.
  4. Do not over flog what he or she is finding it difficult to learn: some parents are so hard on their toddlers when they are trying to make them understand a certain thing. This is wrong!! Please if you are one of such parent, desist from that. If your toddler is finding it difficult to assimilate a particular thing, it is advisable you let the child be at that point in time, then revisit the said thing after a period of time.
  5. Make learning fun for them: always try to make learning fun for your toddlers, this would keep them engaged and entertained and wont make them get bored on time.
  6. Encourage them: do not scold them or laugh at them whenever they get anything wrong, rather in a loving and gentle manner correct them.
  7. Reward them with praises: always praise them and make them know they have done well, this would make them want to do better and it would also make them know you are proud of them. You can praise them when the entire family is gathered for dinner, show them off to other members of the family, it would increase their self esteem. Your praises should be genuine though, do not praise them just because you want them to feel good, praise them because they deserve it.

If you want your toddler to be more outstanding among his or her peers, then you need to look for ways to develop their learning skills.


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