Toddlers Corner: Ways to help your child give up the pacifier

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Pacifiers are used mostly to sooth a fussy baby.

Some babies just want to suck at something even when they are full. The pacifier comes in handy for such babies. It distracts them and keeps them engaged, thereby giving the parents room to attend to other issues.

Not all babies use pacifiers though, but for babies that do, it gets difficult and tricky for some parents to stop their babies from using a pacifier. These instructions below can act as a guide for such parents.

Take it away early

The earlier you take the pacifier away from your toddler, the better for you. If you leave them with the pacifier for so long the would get attached to it, and would not want to let go of it. Babies have their own powerful ways of protesting the end of a beloved habit like the pacifier. Take it away when he or she does not even understand what it is.

Make it taste bad

One of the fastest way of making your toddler stop using a pacifier is when you make it taste bad. You can rub bitterleaf on it so when they put it in their mouth, the taste would make them remove it and not want to go close to it.

Give it away

You can stylishly give the pacifiers to a relative in their presence, so when next they request for it, you remind them that it has been giving away. This is for toddlers who understand what it means for something to be given away.

Take it away gradually

Gently and calmly take the pacifier away, you can limit the amount of time it is being used. This would help your baby to gradually adjust to staying without the pacifier.

Toddlers get easily attached to things, so keep in mind that it wont be easy for you to stop them from using pacifiers.



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