Topface Velvet Compact Powder Review

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My Journey with Affordable Compact Powder

When it comes to compact powder, there are certain things I look for. I have a really oily face (which is at variance with the rest of my body), so I need oil control. More than that, I need my face to look evenly toned.

Usually, I’m a MAC girl, and I’ve talked about that before. My personal favorite is the MAC Studio Fix. I don’t like those matte creams that clog up the pores (at least, that’s how I feel, like my skin can’t breathe). So it’s loose powder for me.

Since the price for MAC went up in my country, I decided to experiment with different low cost options. I’ve tried several from Tara Powder + Foundation, to Zaron Powder and more recently, Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation, which I loved and will soon be sharing a review.

The last compact powder I bought (at the persuasion of the salesgirl), is Topface Velvet Puff Compact Powder, which is what I will be reviewing in this article.

Topface Velvet Compact Powder

Topface Velvet Compact Powder Review

I liked several things about this powder but in the end, I wasn’t sure it worked out for me. Here’s why.

I loved how affordable it is

First of all, this compact powder is really affordable. The price is 3,500 Naira, which is approximately $10USD, give or take a few cents. So that’s okay if you definitely don’t want that cheap powder that street vendors sell, but are looking for something a bit more high end, yet affordable.

Topface Velvet Compact Powder has a really classy case

The second thing I noticed about Topface Velvet Compact Powder was the case it came with. It was really nice and stylish. Quite pretty. The gold edging added an elegance to it and I liked the font that was used for the name of the powder.

Topface Velvet Compact Powder

Fabulous powder puff

Opening it, I saw that the powder puff was on top, not at the bottom as you would find with most compact powders. There’s this cute transparent plastic surface where the puff rests, then beneath it is the powder itself.

So far so good.

But how does the powder perform when used on the face?

That was what I really wanted to know.

Well, it is a loose powder and not a mattifying powder. Also, I don’t think it has foundation. Actually, I’m pretty sure it does not have foundation.

Smooth on the skin

So when I used it, I liked some of the effects. My skin felt smooth to touch and it did what I wanted it to do, which was control the oil on my face. So it checked out on two points. I had a one problem with this compact powder though.

What I did not like about Topfae Velvet Compact Powder

Topface Velvet Compact Powder left my skin tone looking sallow. My skin looked like vital nutrients had been sapped from it and it lost it’s healthy glow. I usually have vibrant skin, but it just looked dull. That was a big problem for me. I don’t know if it is because the particular shade isn’t right for me or what the real issue with it is, I just know that it didn’t work on my skin.

Topface Velvet Compact Powder

My Conclusion

Compact powder is supposed to add to my natural fabulousness. And yeah, I am pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. After using this powder for several days, I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely not a powder I would buy again.

Have you used Topface Velvet Compact Powder? Share your experience, good or bad.


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