Treating Your Tootsies Right

Your feet do a lot of work. Whether you’re walking to the store, exercising or standing up all day at work, they are bearing the brunt of your efforts, and that’s exactly why you should give them a little pampering.

You don’t need to book yourself into an expensive spa or salon to give your feet the respect they deserve either, just check out these simple tips for treating your tootsies right:

Foot spa tootsies

Wash Your Tootsies Carefully

If you want your feet to feel great and look good, then you need to give them some special attention in terms of washing. Use a washcloth to carefully clean your feet, including the spaces between your toes, with plenty of soap and warm water, taking care to dry them thoroughly when you’re done. This will help to soothe your feet and keep issues like athlete’s foot and foot odor at bay.

Invest in a Foot Spa

A good foot spa, like the ones you’ll find at, will pamper your feet to the point of ecstasy, especially if you choose a foot spa which is both heated and has a massage function. A good foot spa will help to prevent swelling when you’ve been on your feet all day, help to remove excess dirt and dry skin (if it includes a foot spa) and most importantly aid total body relaxation, so you can sit back and enjoy the moment.


You should always moisturize your feet after washing or soaking them, to help minimize dry skin and cracked heels, for healthier, better-looking feet. If your feet are sore and aching, a good peppermint foot lotion, like the one at The Body Shop, will help to soothe them better than almost anything else. Putting a pair of socks on immediately after moisturizing will help to keep your feet supple.

Alternate Your Shoes

If you were ever looking for an excuse to buy more shoes, this is it. It’s better for your feet if you switch between shoes each day so that they have time to air out and keep your feet healthy, not to mention to stop nasty odors from developing!

Ditch Tight Shoes

Speaking of shoes, your tootsies should never hurt because of them, and if they do, you should ditch those too-tight, shoes and invest in a pair that are wide enough for your needs. This will help to prevent, pain, swelling, and blisters, for feet that look and feel great.

Give Yourself a Pedicure

It’s important that your toenails are kept trim if you want to avoid painful problems like ingrown toenails and if you want your feet to look good in sandals, or even naked. But, that doesn’t have to mean an expensive pedicure. Check out this guide to giving yourself a great pedicure and practice until you’ve got it down. Simple!


Foot Massage

Nothing soothes a tired food better than a good old foot massage. If you’re flexible enough, you can massage your own feet, but everyone knows that a foot massage feels even better when someone else is doing the massaging.

The bottom line: Your feet are important. Spend more time taking care of them!



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