How To: Turn Any Lipstick Matte

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Matte has been the “it” makeup trend for a while – matte foundation, matte lipsticks – everything is going matte. Matte products tend to last longer than regular ones and the lipstick gives this impression that your makeup was professionally done.

If you have a whole bunch of lipsticks in your makeup kit, there’s no need to go to out and buy new ones. You can turn your regular lipstick  matte in 4 easy steps.

What you will need

Foundation/concealer brush

Lip liner (optional)


Translucent powder

Step 1

Sweep your foundation or concealer brush across your lips. The little product on the brush will even out your lips so one side isn’t darker than the other.

Step 2

Line your lips. Lining your lips will make your lip line pop and keep your lipstick in check.

Step 3

Fill in your lips with regular lipstick

Step 4

With your powder brush, sweep translucent powder over your lips. Repeat this step till your lipstick loses its shine or is a bit dry.


That’s it. Your regular lipstick is now matte.


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