7 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

For some of us chronic recluses, our bedroom is our everything – it’s where we work, watch TV, sleep and hang out by ourselves – it’s our haven and our haven needs to look amazing. You may have considered upgrading your room a couple of times but realize how expensive things are and just let that idea fly with the wind.


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Well, here are a couple of inexpensive ways to make your room so beautiful you never want to leave:


First step, clean it up

It’s so easy to fall into a state where there are clothes, a few chocolate wraps and half a bowl of uneaten ice cream lying around the bedroom. Clutter can make a room go from glam to flop. Clean up your room and get rid of all the stuff you know in your heart you will never use. Hang your cords on a cloth hanger, arrange your books and documents in a neat stack or better yet, get a wall shelf.


upgrade bedroom - jewelry organizer
Image: Yepadoodle Craft


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Paintings light up the room

Something about paintings just make a room feel more alive. My personal observation is that a lot of individuals have that one friend who can paint. Well, now’s a great time to remind your talented painter buddy how much of a good friend you’ve been.


upgrade bedroom - paintings
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


It’s usually best to hang the paintings above your bed frame.

Pillows are cheap accessories

I don’t particularly like using pillows because they hurt my neck but my bed is filled with pillows. They just beautify the room. To give your room that special touch, use custom pillows. B + C  has a couple of great DIY ideas on pillows to beautify the bedroom



bedroom upgrade - pillows


Use wallpapers for color

Get colorful wallpapers and use them to cover your closet door, drawers and any other furniture you don’t want looking bare.


Get a rug

A rug in the centre of your room would give it a detailed look. And if you clean the rug regularly, you can lie on it when you have one of those days. Win win.

Visit this page for DIY rug ideas


bedroom upgrade - reading area
Image: Pinterest


Create a reading area.

Sounds like a big deal but all you need is an armchair and a side table. You can beautify the table by using a table cloth.


Get matchy

There’s something about a room with coordinated colors tht just makes you feel all warm inside. This however is a long term plan. The color of the room matches the beddings and furniture in the bedroom


Which of these tips would you put to test?

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