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Hello housewives and friends of housewives,

Have you tried to cook that special dish or stir up that drink or even bake those cakes that look so good?

Maybe you have tried without number but ended up with rock hard produces that could bounce back if thrown against a wall?  You may be in the smoking division, you know; the group who delight in constantly offering up a burnt feast, leaving our kitchens smoking so hard that the fire service was almost invited in each time? Okay maybe it wasn’t a smoked filled kitchen but your guests had to scrape the bottom of thes pie each time you looked away? All because you simply forgot you were baking/cooking (oh yes it happens or just act like it’s not you)

Look no further my people! By God’s special grace, we have found each other. Hurray!

If you are reading this pioneer edition let me welcome you especially on behalf of Naija Housewives and yours truly to the food space that never lies!

Welcome to honest, down to earth conversations, brain storming QnA sessions plus every other thing we can dream up together. This is a space where you can be yourself, where we can help and learn from each other and share our kitchen disasters and successes.

I am so excited already. Can’t wait…. So please pass on the word, to friends, family, colleagues and even enemies. Let’s unite for a good course. 😀


Amoni is a Pastry chef with Carter’s Pastry Ltd. She lives to bake and believes that life is sweeter with a great dessert. 
Carter’s Pastry is a growing confectionery business based in Eagle Island, Port Harcourt, Nigeria . We specialize in cakes,desserts and pastries for all occasions. Please Reach us on :08060314117


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