When Should your Teenager start Dating?

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[media-credit name=”NaijaHousewives” align=”alignnone” width=”333″]Airbelle_3_055463[/media-credit]I believe there is no ┬áparticular age when a child should start dating.

Some parents let their teens to start dating from the age of 15 but let us be frank, what does a 15 year old know about relationships?

A teenager should be more concerned about his or her academics and not the opposite sex.

Parents are expected to prepare their teenagers for dating, so when the time is right they wont have any problems. But so many parents shy away from talking to their teens about dating, they feel such discussions are bad, in so doing they forget that if they do not prepare their teens, they endanger their lives and leave them at the detriment of naive friends and internet.

From the moment a child gets to puberty and the necessary changes begin to occur, you will notice them spending more time in dressing up, always wanting to look good and never leaving the house unkempt. This is because psychologically changes are beginning to take place, they feel attracted to the opposite sex. If left unattended by their parents and wards, they will fall into the wrong hands.

Parents are to sit with their children and discuss the dangers and outcome of dating, which includes:

  • Teenage┬ápregnancy
  • Abortion
  • Poor┬á┬áperformance in Academics, which may end up in them dropping out from school
  • Sexually transmitted Infections
  • Suicide
  • Rejection and depression

The list is endless…….

Personally i feel the issue of dating should be ruled out for teenagers, they should face their books rather than thinking of the opposite sex. But if you feel your teenager is up to the age of dating, then there should be supervision.


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