When You Pray…

When you are confused and don’t know what to do, PRAY. Don’t spend valuable time getting worried and don’t waste your time talking to those who might not understand what you are going through. If you really need to talk to your friends or to someone close, by all means do so, but not before you pray.

Prayer calms you when your heart is troubled. It creates a link with God and helps you to focus on the Being who is greater than any problem you might have. Prayer can soothe your distress and help you retain control of your emotions.

Prayer is always first of all for the benefit of the one who prays. When you pray blessings on another, you are in fact praying blessings on your life, for such is the way of spiritual laws. When you are angry and bitter against a person, pray for them…bitterness corrodes the inside and whittles away at your peace.

Prayer teaches you to have faith and to trust. To know that God’s plans for you are always the best and to be peaceful even when things are not going your way. Prayer causes others to wonder at you…why you have not broken down and given in to the madness around you. Prayer steadies you…

If you are in a place where everything else seems too much of an effort…where going through the daily routine saps all your energy…take out a few moments to pray.


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