Why Vodka is Good for You

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We are quite familiar with the strong, colorless, odorless drink that exaggerates everything, makes us lose chunks of time and act a little silly (aka vodka). Vodka is pretty much present at every adult party and hang out as a potion for those who wish to unwind.



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If you are one of those that refuses to ingest edibles that have no benefit, I gladly inform you that vodka has quite a few. The tonic may have a couple of bad sides (like ruining our liver, making us act ridiculous in public) but it could also have some great uses.


So grab your shot glass, here are some of the benefits of having this beverage in your home:


Reduces stress

One or two tots of vodka and everything you have been worrying about for the past 72 hours becomes hazy and dissipates. That calming effect will also make you sleep easier.



Could actually help your skin

Dermatologist Jeannette Graf suggests that wiping your face with cotton balls dipped in a mixture of green tea and vodka could help calm and tighten your skin pores.

Boil a jug of green tea, leave to cool and add 1.5 teaspoons of vodka


Great for toothache

Nothing can make you regret your indulgence in Toblerone faster than toothache. When the tooth pain sneaks up on you, swish a small amount of vodka in your mouth and it will help relieve the pain.




It has little calories

Are you constantly checking the calories of everything you eat and wondering how much fat you would gain from it? Good news is, vodka has less calories than most beverages (contains 64 calories per ounce). So you can chuck it right in with the rest of your low carb meals.


Good for your hair

Adding a shot of vodka to your hair conditioner could work wonders for your hair says hair bloggers. It can help remove product buildup. You can also use as hair rinse – mix a table spoon of vodka with a cup of water and pour on your hair after deep conditioning.




While we celebrate the many uses of vodka, it’s important to remember that excess ingestion causes severe organ damage. Like with everything, moderation is key.





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