Will you sabotage your husband’s relationships?

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Two Aside

My name is Sharon and I own Naija Housewives. I love the community we have become here on the site and also on the Facebook page and I felt it was time for me to keep a column. I don’t know if you can actually call it a column since it’s just going to be me sharing my observations and opinions about life and anything that catches my fancy.

To start off, I would really like to talk about something that has been bothering me for a few days now … since I heard of the trouble and subsequent split of the singing twins, P-Square.

Now I’m sure most of us know of brothers or good friends who are so close that they would do almost anything for each other. Then they get married and everything just scatters like a pack of cards. I know some people like that and I’m sure you do too. What is it about marriage that makes other relationships to dabaru (get ruined) in that way?

I know that we women don’t really feel comfortable if our husbands have relationships that seem closer than their relationship with us; I think it’s a normal feeling and it’s understandable. You want your man to be closer to you than to anyone else, after all you people are supposed to be one flesh… Abi?

But would you deliberately sabotage a pre-existing relationship – even a family relationship – because you feel it is taking priority over you? I know a few women who would. I once overheard an older woman advising a younger one to make sure she destroyed any close friendships her husband had. I did not understand that advice (I still don’t), but people are different.

However, I could not judge those who felt they needed to take actions like that, especially where friendships are concerned. One woman told me that her husband’s friends introduced him to other women. So who can blame her if she seeks to destroy that kind of relationship?

But let’s forget about the extreme case for a minute.

Is it that marriage and friendship is incompatible? Would you deliberately sabotage your husband’s relationship with his friends and his family? Let me know what you think, abeg because this matter is really on my mind.


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