The Top Benefits of Replacing an Old Window Screen Frame

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Windows are an important part of our home’s construction. They provide security in keeping critters and insects from wandering into the home, provide fresh air and much-needed sunlight as well as many other benefits. Their main function has always been to provide ventilation safely and securely, helping homeowners keep their indoor living environments comfortable and healthy. 

Unfortunately, a window can only work as well as the parts used within it. A good quality screen and an excellent window screen frame combined to create a secure, insect-free means to enjoy fresh air no matter the season. When the frames are too aged to work properly, or damaged, the safety and security of your windows can be severely lessened. 

There are many benefits to replacing or upgrading the old screen frames of your windows to newer frames. Today we’ll explore what those are and how they make a difference. 

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Signs It’s Time to Replace a Window Screen Frame

Before considering replacement and its benefits, you might be curious as to how to know it is time to upgrade. There are some signs to look for that will indicate your old window screen frame is no longer beneficial to you or your home. 

Leaking Water

If you have begun to notice water around your windows, often coming from around the window and not through it. While poorly draining gutters, as well as drainpipes, can force water toward a window, window seals are meant to hold it back. Re-routing or cleaning your gutters may help, but excessive water around a window may mean that your frame and window screen frame is bad. A properly fit, well-sealed window with a good window screen frame works together to keep moisture from being leaked to your interior. 

Visible Damage

While this seems rather obvious, many of us forget to take a closer look at our screens. It’s easy to forget, as window screens are a small part of our home we often overlook as important. However, if you spend some time looking closely at your window screen frame and notice there are visible signs of damage: the screen mesh is completely pulled or torn out of the frame or there are holes or tears, it is time to replace them. 

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Difficult to Open or Close a Window

A common sign that your window screen frames are nearing the end of their lifespan is if they are creating difficulties for you when you attempt to open or close a window. Bent or warped window screens are an indicator it’s time for a replacement. 


A window screen frame that does not fit properly anymore will begin to make noticeable noise. During light or heavy winds, you will no doubt begin to hear the window screen frame rattle and bang against the window. 

Top Benefits of Replacing Old Window Screen Frames

Keep Unwanted Insects, Debris, and Smaller Critters out of Your Home

An undamaged, brand new screen frame holds the fabric of your window screens to itself with the help of spline material that keeps the screen sealed and taut. If the window screen becomes damaged or bent, often the screen will start to sag. Sometimes, the screen is pulled out from the frame entirely—meaning small insects or determined small critters could easily enter your home. Another overlooked benefit is how a good window frame keeping the screen material taut fights against dirt and debris being blown in too. A strong, durable frame keeps the screen taut and sealed against unwanted creatures and dirt. 

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Upgrade or Elevate the Look of Your Windows During Renovation

To be honest, old chipped wooden frames, or rusted and bent window screen frames can severely impact the entire look of your home’s exterior. Today, along with creating exceptionally durable window screen frames, many frames now come with a wide variety of colors used in interior and exterior design to seamlessly match any home’s décor. A clean, beautiful, taut new screen frame can instantly upgrade the entire outer décor of your home. 


A properly fitted, new window frame will sit perfectly in the window silently. During a light breeze, or windy day or night—your new screen will give you peace with no more rattling or banging.

Plus, replacing old window screen frames eliminates the difficulty bent or damaged screens create in making it hard to open and close your windows. When you consider the benefits of a brand-new window screen, they are an obvious benefit and lovely décor upgrade that is versatile and extremely usable. 

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