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Have you ever wanted something so hard that it’s all you think about? Did the words by Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2 resound in the very fiber of your being? If you wake up in the morning and you can’t think of anything but singing first, then you’re supposed to be a singer. That is exactly how I feel about two things. Writing and traveling.

woman wearing a saree traveling
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Growing up, I wanted to travel. To see the world and interact with the people in different corners of the world. I wanted to visit the Maasai of Kenya and maybe milk a cow. Or tie a sari and dance at a Punjabi wedding. To sit with those who are mourning as they buried their dead around the Lake Victoria.

Traveling to me, meant experiencing other cultures. But I didn’t just want to travel. I wanted to travel alone.

Solo Traveling for Women

Solo travel is awesome and gives you a unique way to experience the world. We’ve already talked about solo travel and we shared a few ideas if you’re thinking about it. But, solo traveling is not something that many women did. We read stories about how dangerous it is and how lone women can be preyed upon. And yeah, there are places where a woman probably should not be traveling alone.

However, in the last decade, more women are beginning to travel alone. And it is eye-opening.

solo traveling for women

If you are a woman and you want to see a bit of the world, don’t let anything hold you back. Many women have explored the world with nothing more than a backpack. Okay, maybe a backpack and some luggage. But, you get the idea.

Girl About the Globe is a great website that has lots of resources for female travelers. The owner has traveled the world solo and written a book about it too. Check it out here.

Traveling with Coral Lifestyle

So, why are we talking about traveling and about women? Well, March is women’s month. And here on Coral Lifestyle, we want to talk about traveling. There are so many awesome women who are doing the solo traveling thing. And we will talk about them.

More women are traveling
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I did not get to travel the world, although I did visit some countries. I have given up on my solo world trip. There are kids in the equation now. But, I have not given up on traveling and you shouldn’t either. This month we want to stoke the fires of wanderlust deep in your soul.

While we’re at it, we’ll feature awesome places you can travel to. This should help in planning your next vacation.

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