Wonders Shall Never End As Man Marries A Doll

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Welcome to the new Series called Market Matters. First of all, I am a market woman and as I sell my market, I see different things. I don’t go out of my way to read newspapers or listen to news, but you know how market can be…anyhow, anyhow, news must reach a person and as I get the news, I will be sharing it. Before I tell you about this man marries a doll matter, let me just say that Naija Housewives have said I should be sharing my market matters every day. Hmmm…I will try, but I don’t promise o. If you can wake up before 6 am and come and check, you might see something from me sha.

Ehen…about this man and the doll baby…

man married to a doll

Wonders shall never end. Just when you think that you’ve seen and heard it all…then something new jumps up. So in this world, as we are now, there are people – men, who are married to dolls. Yes, you read me right. A man marries a doll. Chai, this world has spoilt o. It has gone to the dogs. A full blooded man with everything working as it should, will now come and decide that he no longer wants to have anything to do with live women again. It’s not like he’s now sleeping with a man, nothing like that, but he becomes romantically involved with baby doll. Chei.

According to the man in this story, he became tired of human women…organic women, and decided to stick to dolls (no pun intended). Now these dolls are very lifelike. They are made just like women, with all the parts. Umhmm…everything is there and working just fine. And these men have sex with them … With doll baby, my sisters. And in this case, the man just kuku marry the thing. This other man was dying of cancer and to marry was really hungrying him.

a man married to a doll

This oyinbo people will not kill somebody.

If my grandmama was alive (God rest her soul) she would have said that this one is original demon possession. Doll baby! Sha, what do I know? The doll seems to be satisfying him and at the end of the day, it’s his life.

But really people, abeg how you see am? This one no be kolo mental?

My name is Toru and na me get market for early morning. If you want to know what is going on in the village, come back early tomorrow morning and meet me here.



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