Who Exactly Is Yewande Adekoya And Why Should We Care?

If you are not a fan of Yoruba movies, you’ve probably never heard the name, Yewande Adekoya. However, whether you love Yoruba movies or you only watch Nollywood movies occasionally, hers is a name you should keep in mind for several reasons.


yewande adekoya


Her Background

The Nigerian actress, filmmaker, director and producer was born in Lagos on the 20th of January 1983. She got a B.A. in Mass communications from Babcock University, a private Christian university in Nigeria.

Although this rising actress likes to keep a low profile, she gives an insight into the sort of background and family support she has in an interview with yorubamoviegist.com:

“Way back, precisely in 2002, my parents wanted me to be educated first, they don’t care what you want to be later in the future but they believe that education is the first thing to be done because it will help you do better in whatever you find yourself doing. I was doing the acting alongside the education before I went into it fully”


Marriage and Children

Yewande Adekoya got married to her husband, who is also a movie producer in 2013. The couple have a daughter and recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. Coping with marriage, motherhood and her career has not been a walk in the park, but she’s done a great job balancing her life.

She shared with Punchng.com that family support has gone a long way in helping them balance life and career saying:

“Combining motherhood with work has not been  easy,  but I thank God for my family. My husband is also very understanding and we are both hands-on as parents.   Whenever we are out, our extended families cover up for us because they understand that we both have to earn a living.”


Yewande Adekoya in white


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Nollywood Career

Her Nollywood career has been an interesting one, even though she’s had her share of challenges. As a Mass Communications graduate, she could have become a journalist, instead, she chose to become an actress. Although it seems as though she’s abandoned Journalism for Acting, she says otherwise:

“I read Mass Communication in school, so if I am not an actress I will probably be interviewing you right now. I didn’t dump Journalism, everything works accordingly because the course has even allowed me to be a better actress and it has allowed me to manage fame better.

I have an idea what the media feeds on, what they don’t want to see or the ones they want to see. If I am working as a journalist I know the kind of news I want to carry. Being a Journalist has actually helped me to keep my profile as an actress”


According to thenet.ng, Yewande Adekoya began acting in 2002 with Alphabash Music And Theatre Group. She then went on to script and produce her first English content in 2006 titled ‘Life Secret’ and her first Yoruba film, titled Igbo Dudu in 2009.

This 34 year old actress has produced, directed and featured in several Nigerian films such as Omo Elemosho, a 2012 movie that featured Bimbo Oshin. The film also received 5 nominations at the 10th Africa Movie Award Academy (AMAA).



Yewande Adekoya, the Advocate

Generally, you don’t get to hear a lot about Yewande Adekoya. She has successfully remained scandal-free in the years she’s been acting in Nollywood. Preferring to maintain a low profile, she is not above standing and speaking up for herself when she is being bullied, however.

On her Instagram page, she called out a popular Yoruba film marketer who had sold her movies, but had refused to remit royalties. She also alleged that he was harassing her and threatening anyone who wanted to work with her. She had tried different means of reaching the man without success, so she took to her Instagram page to tell her story.


One to watch out for

Yewande Adekoya comes across as  strong woman who knows exactly what she wants from life. A self-proclaimed workaholic who once fainted on set, she has gone on to garner nominations and win awards for her acting, directing and producing.

Nominated for most promising Actress in a Yoruba film in 2012, Best Supporting Actress in a Yoruba film 2013 and Best Actress in a leading role in 2014 at the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON) and on July 2014 and December 2014; she bagged the Best New Actress award and Most Promising Actress award at City People Entertainment Awards and YMAA respectively. (thenet.ng)

With over 290k followers on Instagram, we know that she is definitely one to watch out for.



Why do we care about Yewande Adekoya

Because she is a woman who is working hard to prove herself. To a large extent, the movie scene is Nigeria is still male-dominated. We have some Nigerian female movie directors and producers who are doing exceptionally well, but they are not as many as we would like.

So when we see one who is striving to make a name for herself, and is putting in the hours and elbow grease required to do so, we care.

While we strive to not judge the road people choose as they go seeking success, after all there are many roads to the market. But when we see a person who has kept her head on her shoulders and is trudging on without notoriety or scandal, we care.

In going on social media to write and criticize those actors or actresses that get called out for bad behaviour, what we are unwittingly doing is sending a strong message: If you want to become famous, be bad.

This is not the message we want to put out there, which is why we do our best not to give bad behaviour the time of day. We applaud this woman for the way she’s worked really hard at making a solid name for herself.

There are several actors and actresses who are working their butt off each day to forge a career they can be proud of. And to every one of you, we just want to say, we care.




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