Yummy Turmeric Latte Recipe

Turmeric latte is a healing drink that is filled with yummy goodness, and is easy to make. We wrote about turmeric a couple of weeks ago, and even though we moved on to mint leaves, we knew that we just had to share this amazing drink with you.


turmeric latte recipe


If you love warm or hot drinks and you want to avoid caffeine, then you should try a turmeric latte. Also called Golden Milk, this drink is healthy, filled with goodness and tastes delicious. If you’re trying to cut down on coffee like some of us, then you can substitute some cups with this lovely drink.

What exactly is turmeric?

Before we share the recipe, it would be nice to know why turmeric is such a fantastic spice. The spice comes from the turmeric plant and is used mostly in Asian cuisine. If you use curry, then turmeric is responsible for that yellow-orangey colour.


turmeric latte golden milk


But what does it do in the body?

The major active ingredient in turmeric is known as curcumin and it has very powerful properties. Turmeric has well-known anti-inflammatory properties and this means that it is great for pain management.

Pain management: It is used for arthritis, joint pain, stomach pain and different types of pain including headaches and menstrual pain.

Lowers cholesterol: According to WebMD.com, research suggests that taking turmeric extract my mouth two times a day for 3 months can reduce total cholesterol. This is particularly true in overweight people who have high levels of cholesterol.

It is also used for colds, lung infections and itchy skin. In short, turmeric is something you SHOULD take regularly, unless you are allergic of course.

Have you tried turmeric latte? Did you like it? If you have tried the golden milk or you intend to try our recipe here, please share your experience with us in the comments section.



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