Zendaya Shares Her Best Makeup Tips

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Popular teen star Zendaya Coleman (popularly known as Zendaya) went behind the scenes with Teen Vogue to share her best makeup tips. Getting makeup tips from a celebrity is great – getting makeup tips from Zendaya is awesome because her makeup is always top notch. She is so much more than a Disney star but a fashion and beauty icon who always steps out to make a statement.


Zendaya 2


The 19 year old star has been linked with some big names in the beauty and fashion industry. She is currently one of the faces of Covergirl and has her own shoe line – Daya by Zendaya. With all that out of the way, here are her top makeup tips

Tip #1: Take off your makeup before you go to bed

Very important guys if you don’t want to break out in layers upon layers of acne.


Tip #2: Go for the natural brow

According to Zendaya, the way your eyebrows grow naturally is the way that suits you best so try not to arc it too much or do something drastic while shaping it. She also suggests you think of your brows as a sort of coloring book (sounds kind of fun don’t you think). You outline your brows then fill it in.


zendaya 4

Also “don’t go crazy at the front”. Ombre brows are the best brows so the tail of your brows should be darker than the head.


Tip #3: Apply eyeliner with open eyes

Many of us tend to close our eyes when applying eyeliner but she says it’s best to have your eyes wide open so you can see what you are doing.


zendaya 6


Tip #4: Use eyeshadow as highlighter

When you really think about it, powder highlighter and eyeshadow looks and feels the same so why not just use them interchangeably. Same result, more lenient on your pocket.



zendaya 5

Tip #5: Zendaya’s makeup mantra

These are the makeup steps she is bound to follow when she applies makeup: brows (obviously), concealer and mascara.


That’s it. Now you can (almost) slay like the pop star.




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