10 Items Every Girl Needs in Her Makeup Purse

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A lot of ladies these days have makeup purses – most even carry a smaller version of their makeup purse in their bag for emergencies. If any lady out there is anything like me, then your makeup purse is probably filled with products you know you will never use but still buy variations when you see them (case in point, I have about 5 or so nude lipsticks).


The habit of overbuying leads to us having things that we don’t need and want those we don’t have. The next time you go makeup shopping, ensure to buy these must-haves for every makeup purse:


Face primer (with SPF)

Primers are necessary because they keep your makeup in place and make your face feel smoother. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is so your skin doesn’t get damaged by the constant and direct exposure to sunlight. If a primer has SPF, it would be stated on the body of the product.





Foundations are a bit underrated to be honest – I have seen good foundation work like a healing potion on someone’s face. So I would suggest investing in a good foundation. Nars, Bobbi Brown and Maybelline Fit Me seems to be Youtube MUA’s favorite. Good foundation doesn’t come cheap though.





For when you want to highlight certain points of your face. The most popular concealer in these parts is the L.A Girl Pro Conceal. When buying a concealer for highlighting purposes, buy a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.




Translucent powder.

So much better than brown powder and easier on the handkerchief too.





The trending lipstick colors right now are brown and nude. So either (or one of each) would be great.


Neutral eyeshadow

Colorful eyeshadows are no longer used for daily wear so the neutral ones seem to be winning right now. My favorite neutral shadow? Urban Decay Naked palette.




Brow stuff

These includes brow pencil, powder, gel liner and so on. Many ladies would not step out without fixing their brows.




Face wipes

You may forget to take your face wipes along on a trip but you wouldn’t forget to take your makeup purse so the wipes are safer there.


Black Eyeliner

Either liquid, pencil or gel eyeliner for that va va voom effect


oshewabeauty 2



Who doesn’t love that sunkissed look that seems to be the trend of the Instagram “it girls” at the moment. Bronzer is your key.




What item is a must-have in your makeup purse?



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